The Campaign

We think now is a better time than ever to remind Australian business of the importance of Insurance Brokers. With potential regulation headwinds and more businesses choosing to purchase direct with Insurers, we want to do our bit to assist the industry.

With over 400,000 companies in our databases that have purchased insurance through an Insurance Broker, this is a good start.

Our technology will enable us to serve up both Video and Banner Ads to these companies via Google AdNetwork, Youtube, Linkedin and Facebook. We will then push this content to the wider business community.

In order for us to refine the messaging, produce the client video testimonials and finalise the ad suite, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Provide your feedback - What do you think? Are we on the right track?

Please provide your thoughts on the messages we have come up with so far.


Key Messages:

My Insurance Broker aligned ALL of my insurance policies to one start date. One annual review - SIMPLE.
I started a new business. My Insurance Broker covered off all the insurance I require - So glad I didn't purchase direct online!.
I need to make a claim on my insurance. Wish I had used an Insurance Broker.
Will your insurance claims be paid? Use an Insurance Broker to make sure.
Insurance Brokers get claims paid - Fast.
Bad insurance claim experience? Speak to an Insurance Broker, it won't happen again.
Insurance Brokers work for YOU. Insurance companies works for...... You sure you want to buy insurance online?
About to buy insurance online, what does it really cover you for? Don't waste your money, ask an Insurance Broker